End of Tenancy Cleaning in Northampton

Moving out is a hectic task, which feels even more exhausting when you have to perform a deep moving-out cleaning. Unlike regular cleaning, it requires more energy, time, and specialised cleaning tools to leave the space as clean as it was at the time of tenancy. This is why you need professional end-of-tenancy cleaning offered by I Noble Cleaners.

We are the most trusted cleaning agency near you, equipped with specialised tools, techniques, and eco-friendly products. Our team of qualified cleaners understands the stress of end-of-tenancy cleaning. Hence, we ensure to provide you with a hassle-free cleaning experience. Don’t lift the burden of end-of-tenancy cleaning in Northampton when we are here at your service!

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100% Guaranteed Satisfaction with I Noble Cleaner

Experience and Expertise: With years of expertise and experience in the industry, our company has become a trusted choice across the UK.

  • Customised Cleaning Plan: We design bespoke cleaning solutions as per the requirements, scale, and intricacy of each project, ensuring quality results.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning: Our detailed cleaning includes every part of your property such as, floors, ceilings, carpet, upholstery, basements and all the hard-to-reach areas!
  • Quality Products: The experts source out the highest quality products and updated cleaning equipment while ensuring the whole process is eco-friendly.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

Here are a bunch of benefits you get for hiring professionals for end-of-tenancy cleaning:

  • Get potential tenants at a good cost
  • Increased chances of getting a full deposit
  • Saves time and money
  • Peace of mind
  • Hassle-free deep cleaning
  • A good impression on the landlord
  • No physical strain from cleaning
  • Avoid complains

 How We Make Your Space Look Clean

We understand the importance of end-of-tenancy cleaning whether you are looking for potential tenants at a good price or you are a tenant moving out of the property expecting a full deposit back. That is why we offer comprehensive cleaning solutions accommodating all your needs and requirements. Our cleaning services include:

  • Appliances cleaning, such as oven, microwave, and kettle
  • Basements and garage cleaning
  • Cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • Complete Vacuuming
  • Decluttering and cleaning cupboards and drawers
  • Deep cleaning the sink, bath, shower, and toilet
  • Disinfecting the toilet
  • Dusting fixtures, light fittings, furniture, media units etc.
  • Empty trash
  • Furniture and upholstery
  • Getting rid of mould and water stains if any
  • Mopping the floors
  • Polishing water fittings
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Removing grease and grime in the kitchen
  • Removing limescale
  • Shelves and cabinets
  • Thorough sanitisation
  • Windows and door cleaning
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Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Process

We make moving out as easy as possible. Just follow these simple steps to connect with our services:

  • Contact Us: Fill out the application form or call the experts and schedule an assessment.
  • Initial Assessment: Our specialists will recommend a bespoke cleaning plan and a precise quote, followed by a scheduled cleaning date and time.
  • Deep Cleaning: Our experts immediately get to work, ensuring all the hard-to-reach and high-traffic areas are covered thoroughly.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: We ensure you are happy with the results and make changes if required, leaving your place clean to the highest level.

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Streamline your end-of-tenancy cleaning in Northampton with I Noble Cleaners and experience quality work at affordable and tailored packages. Connect with the experts to save your valuable time and energy!


Yes, we are always up for our customers, ensuring flexible scheduling and same-day end-of-tenancy cleaning. You can book us at the last second; however, advance booking is highly recommended.

The best you can do is to pack your stuff and clear the space for cleaning. Also, make sure there are no hurdles in cleaning, your pets and toddlers are out of the way and an unobstructed water supply is available.

The price isn’t constant as it depends on key factors like contractors, scale, and complexity of the work; however, you can expect the cost to be between £150 and £300.

Typically, if done by professionals, the end-of-tenancy cleaning is completed within a day.

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