Mattress Cleaning in Northampton

Mattress deep cleaning not only removes stains by neutralising the spots developed due to food and liquid spills but also deodorises the mattress by removing unpleasant smells like urine and sweat. You can even eliminate the mites’ problem, which is not visible but might be present in your mattresses due to dead skin, heat, and moisture accumulation.

However, you must hire professionals if you do not want to leave your mattress unloved and uncared for. The experts have experience dealing with different kinds of dirty mattresses, ensuring they look pleasant and hygienic after cleaning treatment. Moreover, they have all the required equipment, skills, and supplies to clean your mattress and provide a healthy and better sleeping experience.

I Noble Cleaners provides the service of mattress cleaning in Northampton, catering for all commercial and residential clients. We steam clean the mattresses, employing different cleaning and sanitising treatments to remove general dirt and stains. Offering mattress washing service, we ensure to fulfil your unique requirements and make the mattresses completely hygienic without using toxic chemicals.

Mattress Cleaning

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We Deal with All Problems

Our professionals have all the tools and supplies required to deal with and eliminate all the problems related to:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Bacteria
  • Dust Mites
  • Sweat Smell
  • Urine Smell
  • Food Stains
  • Liquid Spills

Mattress Cleaning Process at I Noble Cleaners

Our company specialists carry out the mattress cleaning in these steps:

  • Inspect the mattress surface.
  • Record the specification details for your mattress, including its size and fabric.
  • Identify the stains and spots on the mattress.
  • Decide on the suitable cleaning products and methods to deploy.
  • Clean the mattress to remove old stains and odours.
  • Disinfect the mattress to eliminate microorganisms, including bacteria and other germs.
  • Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress deep to remove all the dust, dirt, and mites.
  • Remove moisture from the entire mattress, eliminating the risk of mould growth.

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We Carry Out Deep Steam Cleaning

We ensure your mattress smells like a brand-new one with our mattress deep steam cleaning and sanitisation services. Employing efficient cleaning methods, we add a refreshing feel to all mattresses. Regardless of the job size and complexity, our technicians are skilled and experienced enough to eliminate all the noxious smells and heavy stains. We use deep steam cleaning techniques to ensure no bed bugs, bacteria, dirt, or germs are left inside the mattresses.

We Add a Refreshing Feel to Your Mattresses

Being the leading contractors in town, we have fully dedicated, experienced, and skilled technicians. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and healthy sleeping mattress for you and your family members. Executing high standards, we help you expand the lifespan of your mattresses and provide value for money.

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Stains or spots can develop on mattresses even if they are covered with bed linens. Therefore, you must get mattress cleaning services to eliminate those unpleasant stains. It will also help remove all the dirt, dust, and pollutants from the mattress, which are invisible to the naked eye.

The following are some of the commercial spaces which employ the use of beds and mattresses and need to hire cleaning services:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Dormitories

Our technicians use high-class equipment for deep steam cleaning with extraction. The steam penetrates deep into the mattress body to kill all the allergens and bacteria. All the microbes get extracted from the mattress with the help of powerful motors deployed in the machine. In this way, we sanitise the mattress and make it look fresh.

During anti-bedbug treatment, powerful professional machines are used to heat a mixture of water and detergent up to 1200C. This mixture is then sprayed over the entire mattress body under high pressure to kill all the bacteria, bugs, germs, and dust mites.

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