Regular Cleaning or Deep Cleaning for Home? Know the Difference

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A rigorous, in-depth cleaning of your space plays a cardinal role in a crisp, clean, and healthy indoor environment. Carpets, rugs, fixtures and appliances all attract dust and grime. An average household is less likely to keep a stock of tools and equipment for pulling all allergens, moulds, and mildews out from carpeting and various sources. Even if they do, they frequently forget to care for them. After all, one has numerous concerns running through the head, and the resulting neglect prompts the proliferation of bacteria over time. Professional cleaning services come to your rescue in these circumstances. We monitor hard-to-reach regions and set up regular weekly and monthly schedules as per your demands. Once you call out the cleaning service, you will find yourself amid a range of services they have to offer. Orienting yourself around them gets easier when you are aware of precisely what they entail. We tend to put it simply: The two most common cleaning services are regular cleaning and deep cleaning. Now that you are aware of the two most common types, you might want to delve deeper into the difference that lies between the two.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning service involves your usual weekly cleaning tasks. The aim is to keep a specific level of cleanliness around the house. Often less expensive than deep cleaning, it primarily revolves around maintaining your space and, therefore, is done once or twice a month according to your requirement. The tasks offered in both services are similar; however, they vary in detail and comprehensiveness. Regular cleaning encapsulates the following chores:
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • Wiping electrical devices and fixtures
  • Cleansing doors, mirrors and window panes
  • Disinfecting bathroom fixtures and fittings
  • Cleaning kitchenware and other appliances
  • Dusting the entire space including vents
  • Putting off the cobwebs
  • Making beds and clearing dust bins
  • Clearing up any bacteria growth

Deep Cleaning

While you understand the role regular cleaning plays in the overall upkeep, deep cleaning goes a lot more steps ahead regarding thoroughness, depth and attention to detail. It fosters liveability, sanitation and hygiene. Deep clean calls for a complete cleansing by taking it a step further by effectively figuring out and tending to all neglected and hard-to-reach areas. If you are contacting a professional cleaning service for the first time, you will likely see them recommending deep cleaning for your place. Later on, they will set a schedule with you to undertake regular cleaning at your premises. Another important difference between the two types lies in the price: deep cleaning service is more expensive than the regular one and takes more time. Additional tasks in deep cleaning include:
  • Removing limescale from kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings
  • Cleaning behind, beneath and inside the appliances, such as washing machines and ovens
  • Thorough dusting of baseboards, doors and the like
  • Washing interior windows and window frames

When Should You Ask for Deep Clean?

Confused about which service to pick? Following conditions will more likely place you in favour of deep cleaning:
  • If it is your first-time cleaning with a new cleaning company, you should pick deep cleaning at the outset.
  • If you are looking to plan an event or some gathering at your place, deep cleaning will contribute to the overall ambiance
  • When you require spring cleaning for your home, e.g., cleaning rugs, doormats, windows and dust blinds, walls, carpets, appliances, countertops, etc.
  • If you are planning to move out of your rental space or condominium, deep cleaning services will significantly increase the odds of you getting the security deposit.
  • If you are looking to sell your old residence, opt for deep cleaning in a bid to make it look more attractive and marketable.
Whatever the case, laying out your requirements and discussing the scenario with the professionals is the best option. Doing so will enable you to ascertain the level of cleanliness that is in line with your house’s conditions and needs.

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