How to Deep Clean a Mattress

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You spend much time sleeping on your mattress at night or during other times of the day. Due to extensive use, sweat, oil, dust, and dead skin cells from your body accumulate on and into the mattresses. Therefore, it is important for you to clean your mattress to keep the bed fresh and free of dust, stains, unpleasant odours, etc.

This guide covers the procedure for deep cleaning your mattress by vacuuming it, removing stains, and deodorising it. It also includes some important points to remember while cleaning your mattress. Moreover, you can also get information on how to keep your mattress properly maintained.

Procedure to Deep Clean Your Mattress

Deep cleaning helps to keep your mattress clean, hygienic, and well-maintained, enhances its lifespan and provides a fresh appearance. By following these steps properly, you can clean your mattress:


  • Gather the materials required for cleaning the mattress, including a vacuum cleaner, baking soda, a cloth or sponge, mild cleaning detergent, and warm or cold water.
  • Remove the duvet, pillows and sheets.
  • Attach an upholstery attachment at the end of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Vacuum the mattress in small circular motions to remove all dust, dirt, dead skin cells, and hair.
  • Pay special attention to corners, crevices, and seams while vacuuming the mattress.

Stains Removal

  • Mix a mild cleaning detergent in lukewarm water.
  • Dab the mixture onto the stain by using a soft cloth or sponge.
  • Continue dabbing the stain until it fades.
  • Spread a small amount of baking soda by sprinkling it over the entire mattress.
  • Take a cloth rinsed in cold water and dab the stain.
  • Leave the mattress stain for 30 minutes after sprinkling baking soda.
  • Dip a cloth in cold water again for dabbing the stain.
  • Continue repeating this process until the stain lifts completely.
  • Leave the mattress to air dry.
  • Vacuum the mattress once it dries to remove the excess baking soda.


  • Sprinkle a layer of baking soda on a clean and dry mattress.
  • Leave it for almost an hour so that all the unpleasant odours can be eliminated and the mattress becomes clean and fresh.
  • Vacuum the mattress one more time to remove excess baking soda.
  • Take the mixture of baking soda, water, and essential oils in a spray bottle to spray it over the mattress to add a fresh scent.
  • Flip the mattress and repeat all the steps for cleaning the other side of your mattress.
Deep Clean Your Mattress

Important Points to Remember

  • Read the manufacturer’s care guide before cleaning the mattress.
  • Keep the bedroom windows open to ensure proper ventilation while you clean the mattress.
  • Vacuum the mattress at low speed to avoid damaging its cover or dislodging the mattress fillings.
  • Take a mild detergent and warm or cold water to clean the stains from your mattress.
  • Avoid over-soaking the mattress while cleaning the stains.
  • Dab the stain gently with the help of a soft cloth or sponge to remove the stain and do not rub it.
  • Before cleaning the other side of your mattress, check the manufacturer’s guide to confirm whether it is single-sided or double-sided.

How to Keep Your Mattress Well-Maintained?

With some of these routine practices, you can ensure the proper maintenance of your mattress:

  • Change and wash your bed sheets with hot water every week.
  • Try to remove the stains as soon as they develop and get dry.
  • Vacuum your mattress every time you change the bedding sheet.
  • Flip or rotate your mattress regularly to maintain its good condition.
  • Take off the bed sheet from the mattress every morning for almost 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Use a mattress protector to avoid damage to the mattress due to accidental spills.
  • Keep the windows of your bedroom open to maintain an adequately ventilated environment and allow moisture evaporation.
Points to Remember

Final Words

You should deep clean your mattress every six months or more often if you feel it has become dirty. With deep cleaning, you can ensure the hygiene of your mattress and promote the quality of your sleep on a clean and healthy mattress.

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